We had a SentrySafe that survived the Paradise, CA wildfire in 2018. We found it 3 weeks later in the ashes of our home after the fire destroyed our entire town... after 3 weeks of torrential rain storms immediately following the fire. Once we retrieved our safe, we took it to the local fire station, because we needed the "jaws of life" to pry our safe open. Once we got through the metal and concrete, we pulled out our unscathed belongings, including a hand gun, paper documents, pictures, and old coins. We could not believe everything was okay! Everyone we talk to says their safes melted, or whatever was inside melted. Just to put into perspective how hot this fire got...our car melted into the concrete of our garage. There was nothing left of our house or belongings, other than our SentrySafe. We would like to purchase another safe for our new home. Thank you for being such a great company and taking care of your customers!