Time stood still for the McDermotts and others of Breezy Point, NY, as Hurricane Sandy leveled their homes, destroying all that they had. 190 firefighters were sent into the blaze engulfing the neighborhood. Over 100 home were lost in the course of the night.

Later that week, the McDermotts walked the leveled neighborhood. All that was left of Rosemary's mother's home was the basement filled with the charred remnants of what had been. With so little left, they searched for some small fragment of hope to comfort her mother during this difficult time. They then found a charred box amongst the debris.

It was her mom's SentrySafe Document Safe.

Though burnt on the outside, it protected the items entrusted to its care, including their family geneology, a project Rosemary's mother had worked on for years.

"I knew my mother was going to be so, so, happy. She was coming down that day and I was so excited that we had something to show her that was going to make her feel so much better...that something was salvageable out of absolutely nothing."