SentrySafe Approved Desiccant – Two 40 gram Packs - P50200

6 Months of moisture absorption per 2-pack – replace or reactivate desiccant more often in high humidity areas.  Reactivation requires 245 degrees F for 16 hours.  Works with all SentrySafe products
Desiccant packs are an important part of protecting your valuables from moisture long term.  Many SentrySafe products include water protection which makes them airtight.  Because of this, moisture from the air can get trapped inside your Safe when you close it.  Open your Safe at least once a month to air it out and keep a desiccant pack inside to capture moisture while it is locked.  Replace the desiccant bag every 6 months, or sooner if your Safe is in a high humidity environment.  You can also reactivate the desiccant pack by placing it in an oven at 245°F for 16 hours.  The desiccant can also help protect from moisture in Safes without water protection as well.
No warranty listed for this product.